Hi, I'm Victor Blomberg

I’m a passionate designer, developer and self-improvement enthusiast currently building my small business around the world.

Web developer

I love using code to build experiences for the web. I build my applications using Ruby on Rails, SASS and Javascript.


Understanding user experiences and building beautiful interfaces is something I am super passionate about.

Digital nomad

I'm a slow traveler that is highly focused on building my small business while experiencing the world.


I love going deep on interesting subjects that challenge my thinking and how I look at the world.

My products

I'm really passionate about every aspect of building a small business and random side projects. Starting from the idea phase, to coding and designing the the application. I love it all!


Interactive courses


Creative agency


Find affiliate products


Easiest way for swedish instructors to sell their online courses.

  • Healthy

    I'm currently focusing on eating clean healthy food and running multiple times a week.

  • Wealthy

    I invest in the stock market and have consistently saved 55% of my income for the last year.

  • Wise

    I’m constantly reading and trying to improve every aspect of my life. I'm currently trying to improve my focus with meditation.

My focus right now

I'm currently focusing on creating great results for Swedala Tak and improving myself and my business.

  • 75 Days hard challenge
  • Marketing & business development for Swedala Tak
  • Launch websites for my costumers at Smartproduktion
  • Launching Smidigare for customers
  • FCC - Responsive Web Design Certification (300 hours)
  • FCC - Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures Certification (300 hours)
  • Running / Workout daily
  • Learning to say no.

  • On hold
  • Muay Thai
  • Meditate every morning
Writing, learning, improving, and creating.

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